Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Week

So today Carter & I went to see the neighbors where we used to live. They were so excited to see him. They think he is so cute & he's a good mix of both. Then I met Robin for lunch, Carter started making a new weird noise that makes him throw up haha. Then we went to baby'srus and picked out things until I realized I forgot my wallet! They will have to wait until Friday. So Josh & I have been getting along really well. Our family is coming back together & I love every minute. I should be working out but im being lazy & it's so late. Well better get movin or i'll gain just sitting here.

Since I am obsessive about taking pictures of Carter I am going to have to send off 250 pictures to Walmart to be printed out so I can clear some space on here ha. If you want some let me know :D

Monday, August 4, 2008

Proud Day

CARTER IS 8 MONTHS OLD!! He has changed so much in the last month. He is saying "dadda" reaching out, pushing me away, trying to climb out of the crib, throwing temper tantrums etc..! He is also snuggling more I love it!! He laughs all the time hes a very happy baby!

So lately I have noticed that I am very pleased with most of the people around me in my life now. I have met some really wonderful people in the past two years. I want to spend more time around these people! Otherwise I have realized that since I have found more mothers to be around and just "quality" friends I am learning to not be so judgmental and make mature decisions. To those of you in my life now Thank you for being there for me!!

Time to go feed Cartah! Hah Josh picked a nick name for him its cute boobooshz can't spell it but its adorable hearing him say it.