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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

20 Months Old

So where do I start. Carter is 20 months old he gets more amazing each month!! He is talking like crazy but the sentences aren't coming together yet. He is saying shoe, please, thank you, Josh ha ha he says "Where's Josh?" Love it. He is going on the potty already! He has tinkled 4 times a poo'd once. I tell him its potty time, he takes his diaper off and "tries" to go hah were working on it. Then he will go get himself a new diaper. He is so smart but cant praise everything terrible two has hit! He is telling me NO all the time. He is growing up so fast hes adorable.

Job is coming to an end, to long of days for little guy. The pay isn't matching the hard work. I'm in school and working hard! I'm ready for a change. Going to stay home with him for awhile until he turns Two and I can get him into the school I want. I'll work on weekends which will be hard but it will work for now. He's eating so healthy Ive been looking up recipes and making him Broccoli grilled cheese, carrot and raisin wheat pancakes etc. He eats better than I do!

Josh is going threw the radiation treatments, it was emotional for me when he started and was rough for him. His tongue is getting the worst of it, hes getting threw it and its almost over! Say a prayer! Carter and I have gotten very sick in the past month, we caught strep throat twice. For children under two it is rare for a child to get strep let alone twice. I loaded him on vitamin c and immune boosters. I got such a bad case of strep I was in the hospital with a fever 104.2 it was so bad! When kids are in daycare the viruses spread all over. No more being sick!

My family has been amazing lately of stepping in a helping out financially and all around. I don't know what I would do without them!! I really appreciate all the help from everyone around me! Josh and I got professional photos done at MPG there great and we just got his school pictures back so there is tons of new great photos to come soon!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Feel like writting

So I am working 6 days a week. Stressful!! Poor little Carter man it's hard on him. Luckily I said a prayer and now have some half days off. I can't wait to finally spend some one on one time with Carter. I am looking forward to seeing my girls threw the week & my family of coarse!! Im taking online classes at night to get my child care certificate. I have 50 hours to go :( I feel very accomplished lately & I am SOOOO shocked how Carter has changed. I feel like each week hes changed.

I get to spend some whole days with him in his classroom now. I watched how he is with his teachers and his little pals and its like hes finally at home with them. There are still days where he cries a little and wants his mommy but hes loving school. He eats all his lunch at school, nap time-walks over to his mat, pops that binkie and goes right to sleep!!! I am so proud :D I was watching him play today and he stacked 5 blocks on top of each other, I thought that was pretty good.

Were changing Carter's room right now. It's a beach theme very cute. Josh and I are making almost all of the decorations which makes is special. I will put some pics up when it is done.

Life is really good right now. Missing family lately need more time for that & friends <3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009