Monday, March 2, 2009

Things are going well...

Carter has been sleeping better! Lots more water little thing needs his aqua to keep it moving. He is walking full time. He looks like a little crab hes too cute! He had his first bloody nose the other night. He was running he likes to go way to fast & he leaned in for a toy which slipped out from his hands. He fell face first into the tile. Bloody nose & a swollen forehead. It made me so sick to think that he was that hurt. I felt so bad, poor guy :(. Luckily he bounced right back.

On the good note he has slept well for three nights. He is blowing his own nose now! Cleans everything with his baby wipes, even his face & hair. He takes his diaper off and goes to throw it away which we got from Chase! Well he started pulling it off but we got the idea from Jenn to tell him throw it away. He drinks from a straw & feeds himself. He can almost open the door. Brushes his teeth & puts it away. He is so smart I could go on all day!!
I printed out his birthday picture finally they will be on here tomorrow.

SCHOOL= Great!
He started out the morning well. He cried a little but then they did finger paint & shaving cream. My kids were behaving so I got to get a peak. He was so happy & proud f himself it made my day!! He ate all his lunch & layed right down on his mat & took a 2 hour nap.

Poor Josh,
He went to his doctors apt. today & unfortunately the tumor hasn't gone away. It isn't growing but its not going anywhere. So next step is radiation. He is so scared I feel horrible for him. I'm so worried about his health in so many ways. Like strength, weight lose & the tumor its self. Thank god we are still living at home. I pray that one day Josh can look back and say "10 years ago I had tumors....." I wish it was in the past. Love him.

Love everyone <3 xoxo